An illustrated book, with a different take on Alice in Wonderland.

The Alice book was designed to portray a darker interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story. It was also designed to look like a journal, as if Alice herself has written the story of her journey with a focus on darker undertones in the story.


Alice's Dark Journal of Events.

All the artwork was digitially drawn to look as if Alice herself may had sketched them. All the handwritted words were also digitally drawn with jagged and messy lettering on purpose, to portray Alice’s journal and cohesively match the illustrations in the book.

Specific keywords with darker undertones were delibaretly made to be larger than the rest of the text, or created with the jagged handwriting to stand out more. Lots of hand-drawn imagery was used to make the story more visually interesting.

The entire book was done in Black and White, because they match the mood and message of the design — if it was colourful, it would not be as impactful to the mood of the design. Some pages are fully black, some are fully white, and some are black on one side, white on the other. This style of alternating page colours was done intentionally to make the design more interesting to look at, and stray away from boring repeition, because the design is meant to be a little bit “out there” and stray from the norm.