Illustration + Motion Graphics

Illustration + Motion Graphics A collection of Digital Illustrations and Motion Graphics projects.

Print Projects

Print Projects A collection of one-off Print Projects, including: Posters, Brochures, Menus and Infographic. A collection of one-off Print Projects.

Alice Book

CLIENTSPEC. WORK YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESILLUSTRATIONPAGE LAYOUT   An illustrated book, with a different take on Alice in Wonderland. The Alice book was designed to portray a darker interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story. It was also designed to look like a journal, as if Alice herself has written the story of her journey with a […]


CLIENTAPP DESIGN CONCEPT YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESUI APP DESIGN   Mudio is an app that connects local studios & producers with musicians. A common problem that a lot of musicians, band members and artists face is the ability to conveniently find a space to record their music with a producer that offers the services they need, while […]


CLIENTHERBIVORESPEC. WORK YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESPACKAGING STATIONARY BILLBOARD   Herbivore is a vegan skincare brand that is eco-friendly. Herbivore is a natural, vegan skincare brand that focuses on using all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are better for the skin. Herbivore prides itself on its use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging – all packaging is made with glass and paper, using […]

Range Beauty

CLIENTRANGE BEAUTYSPEC. WORK YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESPROMOTIONPRINT MEDIASOCIAL MEDIA   Range Beauty is a skincare & makeup brand for all. Range Beauty is a skincare and makeup brand that focuses on creating makeup suited for all skin types, specifically people with sensitive skin and eczema. They offer a wide range of shades suited for all skin tones, […]

Echo Co

CLIENTSPEC. WORK YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESBRAND IDENTITYWEBSITE DESIGN   Echo Co. is an elegant, high-end fashion brand. Echo Co. is a luxurious, high-end clothing brand of premium quality, focusing on soft, cream-coloured fabrics and elegance.  They mainly cater to young adult and older adult women, however they also offer clothing for men as well as shoes and […]

Pratt Norman

CLIENTCAPSTONE PROJECT YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESLOGOSTATIONARY Pratt Norman is a small leading law firm for the entertainment industry. Pratt Norman is a professional and established law firm, yet they are also eccentric and unique. Their clientele consists of actors, artists, musicians and designers of the entertainment industry. Therefore they want to visually attract and represent an audience of creatives […]

Plant Up

CLIENTCAPSTONE PROJECT YEAR2023 DELIVERABLESBRAND IDENTITYPACKAGING Plant Up is a plant-based food company. Plant Up is a food company that makes high-quality, plant based, non-gmo and non-processed frozen meals and appetizers that can be prepared easily at home. Plant Up isn’t your average plant-based food brand. They wanted a brand image that strays away from the […]