Herbivore is a vegan skincare brand that is eco-friendly.

Herbivore is a natural, vegan skincare brand that focuses on using all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are better for the skin. Herbivore prides itself on its use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging – all packaging is made with glass and paper, using recycled & recyclable plastic only when necessary. 

Herbivore wanted a fresh, new look for their product packaging and shipping box designs, giving consumers a new experience, while still remaining simple and minimalistic. 


Recycling Looks Good on You.

Following their pride in using clean and natural products, the brand identity remains very simple and minimalistic, using simple typography and minimal colour, with the exception of light pastel tones, and illustrations that relate to nature and product names.

The overall concept invites their eco-conscious, vegan consumers to feel assured that Herbivore uses 100% recyclable materials in their packaging and shipping boxes. The tagline “Recycling Looks Good on You” enforces this message, along with the plant imagery across their packaging and stationary.

When re-designing Herbivore’s packaging, shipping box and shipping stationary – it is important to adhere to the brand guidelines. Therefore, the redesign utilizes the same font system and minimalistic aesthetic, however some more colour is added to the backgrounds and small plant imagery is implemented to reflect the brand’s care for the environment and adds some more eye-catching elements, while still remaining simple and clean. This use of imagery helps the consumers visually identify and differentiate between their various products with more ease.