Mudio is an app that connects local studios & producers with musicians.

A common problem that a lot of musicians, band members and artists face is the ability to conveniently find a space to record their music with a producer that offers the services they need, while also being within their location and budget needs.

So we created an app that provides an easy solution: Mudio!

Mudio connects musicians to local producing studios where they can go to record, mix/master their music, and receive music production services. Producers and Studio Owners can also sign up to offer their services on the app. It helps both the musician and the producer!


Based on your preferences.

The app allows Musicians to create a profile and customize their desired filters with ease. Based on the information given, Mudio will customize the user homepage by showing studios based on their location, budget, and the equipment and services needed.

Each studio listing includes the Studio Owner’s picture and biography, lists their services provided, the equipment they have, the type of music they work with, past reviews from users, whether they allow smoking, and their overall personality.

The Musicians will be able to message the Studio Owner directly before deciding to book. Contracts are implemented to protect both the Musician and Producer legally, and payments are collected automatically based on the rate and hours worked in the studio.