Plant Up is a plant-based food company.

Plant Up is a food company that makes high-quality, plant based, non-gmo and non-processed frozen meals and appetizers that can be prepared easily at home.

Plant Up isn’t your average plant-based food brand. They wanted a brand image that strays away from the conventional, boring, overly-processed plant-based foods. Instead, they aim to provide quality, healthy options for people who want to implement more plant-based foods into their diet while also being convenient and easy to prepare.

Overall, their audience are individuals who value healthy food, want to live a healthy lifestyle and are seeking to implement more plant-based food into their diet or try something new.


Where Good Food Comes From

The concept created for Plant Up focuses on the origins of where good food comes from, and visually communicates to its consumers how Plant Up uses only clean + real ingredients grown by farmers across the globe. They avoid any GMO, non-artificial, overly processed ingredients that other plant-based food companies might use.

The new brand purpose: To inspire health through visual story and attributes that are unique to the Plant Up experience.

Overall, the new branding concept utilizes a combination of colour, collage-style imagery of food and bold typography to convey this visual message of promoting health and plant-based food, that appeals to its consumers who value a healthy lifestyle.