Pratt Norman is a small leading law firm for the entertainment industry.

Pratt Norman is a professional and established law firm, yet they are also eccentric and unique. Their clientele consists of actors, artists, musicians and designers of the entertainment industry. Therefore they want to visually attract and represent an audience of creatives while still remaining professional, modern and stylish. They needed an identity system that strays away from the usual “boring” lawyer firm and appeals to their unique and expressive clientele.

Their tagline, “We’ve Got You Covered” instills confidence and reassures their clients that they will be protected and covered by the Pratt Norman law firm.


We've Got You Covered

The logo features simple yet sophisticated typography, exuding a sense of class and professionalism. The logo focuses heavily on the brand’s message: “We’ve got you covered” – The P and N overlapping each other each other to tie into the brand’s tagline and the triangle shape that occurs when the letters overlap each other resembles a piece of a star, representing their clientele. This shape that occurs from these letters overlapping was used to create a unique and abstract geometric pattern, that adds creativity to the brand identity.

The colour palette consists of tones of blue and green, which is associated with higher education. This adds professionalism and security to the brand identity. 

The business card and stationary letter utilize the brand colours and the unique pattern created from the logo shape. These designs are modern and professional, yet also artistic and creative, visually appealing to their clients who come from creative industries.